Ice In, Ice Out

Dear Editor:

Welcome to winter, it seems such a change.

Even the weatherman thinks that it’s strange.

No frost all October, that’s surely a sin,

At least this November ends, with Ice In.

Now the term “Ice In” is not often heard,

it exists, please believe me, like any rare bird.

Skaters and fishermen all wait for the day,

When onto the lakes, they now can go play.

Though lately it seems “Ice In” has been late,

and “Ice Out” has been early, out of the gate.

You see our ponds and our lakes, all need a rest,

these very hot summers, put them all to the test.

In this holiday season, please heed what I say,

Take care of the earth, so Santa, can still use his sleigh.

Rob Bauer
Blue Hill

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