How much art influences emotions

Dear Editor:

Art has been known to influence emotions; almost anybody will say that if asked. But do they really know how much? Many different kinds of art can make people feel happy, upset or even angry. This is proven through dance, paintings and music. Art is so important to everyday life, whether people choose to believe it or not. 

Art is a way to express oneself, and not much can do this better then dance. One example is ballet. In many ballets such as “Swan Lake,” “The Nutcracker” and “Cinderella,” dancing is used two express the characters’ emotions, desire and motives. If dancing didn’t exist, these amazing ballets wouldn’t either. Even though the characters don’t talk one can still express emotion by cheering for the protagonist when he/she makes a hard decision and still gets a happy ending.

Another common way to express emotions is through painting, or what some consider “real” art, not dancing or making music. But all of these are placed under the art category because they are “the application of human creativity and imagination,” the very definition of art. Paintings can make people feel excited, such as “Apollo and Python,” a work that symbolizes good triumphing over evil. Others make people feel somber, an example being “A Burial at Ornans,” a Realist painting depicting a burial of the artist’s great-uncle. Everyone is dressed in black except the priest, who is kneeling right next to the coffin. It is rainy and dark. Truly, this work of art almost transport one right to Ornans. 

The third example is music. Many well-known movies such as “The Avengers” or “Star Wars” have themes that are known all over the globe. Darth Vader probably wouldn’t be half as scary if he didn’t have his iconic theme song playing in the background. The Avengers likely wouldn’t seem so heroic for the same reason. Many may love these characters for their personalities or styles but ultimately it is the music that sets the scene.

So, through dances, painting and music, emotions will change and differentiate through separate points of view. Art can change people just as much as physical experiences can, maybe even more. Maybe, just maybe, art can change the world.

Mia Donahue


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