Hospice partners with community

Dear Editor:

Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County (HVHC) is pleased to participate as a member of the Choices That Matter program, as well as the Age-Friendly Coastal Communities coalition and its predecessor, Thriving in Place, all community collaboratives coordinated by representatives of Healthy Peninsula. These programs reflect a basic value on which Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County was founded and has flourished over the past 39 years: communities working together reach more people with more responsive services.

HVHC was founded as an independent volunteer hospice program in 1980, when there was no hospice service available in the area, and has remained a state-licensed, independent partner serving with Medicare-certified hospice organizations as they have joined our region’s exceptional collection of service providers. We are proud and grateful to work side-by-side and in partnership with the dedicated nurses, home health aides, social workers and chaplains that serve through medical hospice programs here in Hancock County, and we are grateful that our independent status allows for the most comprehensive and responsive service to the needs of our community.

While the majority of patients and families served by hospice volunteers are co-served with medical hospice professionals, many are not, and HVHC is currently “on a mission” to spread the word that an individual or family can receive hospice volunteer support even if medical hospice is not yet needed.  Referrals for hospice volunteer support can, and are encouraged to, come directly to Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County by service providers of all types in the community.

While the mission of HVHC remains as it has been since its inception, including being directed toward the needs of individuals and families navigating life-limiting journeys and the grief-related needs that arise from those journeys, as an independent organization not receiving Medicare or other per-service reimbursement, HVHC does not have the same guidelines that those types of funding sources must set for their services.

If you have questions about whether a referral to Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County is appropriate, please give us a call at 667-2531, or visit our website at hospiceofhancock.org.  You can also find us on Facebook.

Many thanks to all of the partners of the Choices That Matter program!  We are proud to be a part of it. And remember, “hospice is a gift the community gives itself.”  Thank you, community, for joining with us in the gift of providing compassionate care!

Jody Wolford-Tucker

Executive Director

Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County

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