Helping ourselves

It is surprising how many Hancock County homes have street number signs that are difficult to see, or are simply not there. With all the will in the world, as well-prepared as they are, our fire fighters, police officers and ambulance crews cannot help us until they can find us. Here in Ellsworth, the firefighters can help acquire the reflective white-on-blue signs we see on the doors of our schools, and on too few homes. We can help ourselves and our loved ones.

On another surprising note, Mr. Poliquin has recently started sending messages that he cares about seniors, healthcare and hospitals, clean air and water and the lobster industry, and about Social Security. Surprising, because for four years his votes have been to the contrary, and when asked about that, he has done his best to hide.

Surprising because next on his agenda is turning Social Security over to the Wall Streeters who fund his election campaigns. Can you imagine getting a help-me call from a loved one no longer able to afford living expenses because Wall Street fees and some bad investment bets have cut their Social Security check?

Perhaps the surprising change is due to Nov. 6 no longer being far away.

Here again, we can help ourselves. There are Nov. 6 alternatives who appreciate that we are not desert plants that can survive on a “trickle-down”: Candidates who understand the middle-class wallet, who won’t promise less debt and more jobs, then load us with an extra trillion of debt to reward their campaign funders instead of modernizing roads, power and communications.

(Imagine the increase in income tax revenue and reduction in welfare assistance that those jobs would have created—to say nothing of unleashing business potential.)

Nicole Grohoski, Louie Luchini, Angus King and Jared Golden are available Nov. 6. We can help ourselves, and our loved ones—and America, God bless her.

C.H. Keefe


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