Health care is Maine’s up-and-coming industry

Dear Editor:

I am addressing all the legislators and other influential people who are trying to come up with an “acceptable” way to yank the health care rug out from under other people.

What people? you may ask. Well, not just the folks who need help with the doctor bills — and who doesn’t? Gone are the days when you could pay a medical bill with what one could afford each month. Now it requires a home equity loan.

Health care has become a major industry. If anyone doubts this, going to your local health care center and seeing all your neighbors employed as technicians, nurses, doctors, cleaners, cooks and receptionists, etc., should bring it home to you. There are programs being offered by colleges and community colleges all over the country geared toward young people who are interested in this sort of thing. And they do not have to leave home to pursue their careers.

The health care industry also requires buildings and maintenance of same, which provides employment for carpenters, plumbers, tile setters, electricians, architects, engineers, etc. At the same time all of these people need placers to live and the services of other professionals which keeps our towns and neighborhoods alive.

My point is, Maine has lost all of its major industries. The paper mills are gone, working in the woods is a thing of the past, manufacture of shoes, textiles, and commodities other than paper, gone. The fishing industry is down to one fish and towns have died. We have tourism which is nice but “iffy.” The crowd is fickle. Once they have done it, they may want to follow a different fad next year.

As for mansion builders, the more elaborate the house, the less time is spent in it. This does not do much to support the community. We have one up-and-coming industry — health care.

I am imploring the powers that be to consider all angles of this health care issue before throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Ruth Basile


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