Headed for the birdcage floor

Dear Editor:

Phil Grants’s diatribe on Donald Trump’s record [“President Trump is getting it done,” Jan. 4] can only be described as an economist’s version of how to run a country. The author outlines exactly what seems to be most important to him, namely the acquisition of wealth at the expense of nearly everything of true value in this world.

Donald Trump’s de-chievements (that’s the opposite of achievements) read like a list of what can I do to further ruin the lives of ordinary Americans. It’s a thanks for nothing on health care, the environment, taxes, gay rights, immigration and more. The man will sign anything the Republicans will put on his desk.

Lastly, the fact that The Ellsworth American would allow Dr. Grant to rattle on for a quarter-page gives me all the more reason to head this copy to the floor of my birdcage!

Michael Macfarlane


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