Hard work pays off for Pats

Dear Editor:

Some people hate the New England Patriots, and some love them. Either way, this relentless dynasty has something to teach us about life and hard work. As many of you know, on Sunday, the third day of February, 2019, the Patriots captured their sixth NFL title, their third in the past five seasons, and made their ninth Super Bowl appearance in the Belichick and Brady era. Considering there are 30 NFL teams competing for the same thing (and every team works hard), that’s simply an amazing feat. In the past 18 seasons, they’ve competed for the title 50 percent of the time. How? Well, make no mistake; the main contributing factor to their success is hard work, both physically and mentally! There are no secret tricks, and there is no easy way.

This extraordinary run by the Patriots is fueled by hard work. Yes, it takes a lot of skill and other traits, but in the long run, it’s the hard work that beats out the others who are skilled and work hard. Hence, in order to be the best, you have to be the best. As an entire unit, the Pats have worked hard for years, and now they’re the best. Their hard work has paid off, and they’ve earned it. I believe that hard work is expected in this entire organization, and it starts from the top. I’ve heard some people comment that the Patriots seem to get lucky. I say they seem to work hard. Thomas Jefferson summed it up well and once said, “It seems the harder I work, the more luck I have.”

Yes, the members of the Pats organization have a shared vision of staying hungry and never settling. There’s also some team chemistry. In addition, they have a knowledgeable coach who’s constantly adjusting and improving. Furthermore, they prepare very well. However, it’s the drive, discipline and strong work ethic that ultimately get them to where they are. The management looks for intelligent, coachable, team-first mentality players, but it’s the toughness and hard work that tops it off and completes the journey. Each and every person works hard and does their job well. Hard work doesn’t guarantee success, but improves its chances. If certain personnel remain with the Patriots, and they stay healthy, I like their chances again next year! Go Pats!

Dan Rayner



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