Hancock recycling in a sad state

Dear Editor:

Is recycling dead in Hancock? As a homeowner and summer resident in Hancock for the past 30 years, I have been appalled to see the deterioration of the town’s recycling program in the past few years, especially as it affects most households. Gradually, the recycling center has eliminated the collection of aluminum cans, most plastic containers, all cardboard except for corrugated and, this year, no more glass jars! It is really no longer worth the trip to the recycling center just for a few newspapers. The response from the town office is that the center is run by Coastal Recycling, and it makes that determination. But is this town really content with seeing all these materials put into the regular trash collection, and sent to pollute landfills? I’ve always believed Maine to be better than that. I hope I’m not mistaken!

Vivian Oliver


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