Grohoski is needed in Augusta

Dear Editor:

I would like to speak for Nicole Grohoski, who is running for the State House on Nov. 6 for the Trenton/Ellsworth seat. I met Nicole three years ago, when she mentored me as I worked toward certification as a Maine Master Naturalist. I really appreciated that she is a good listener, hard-working and a creative problem solver. She even took us canoeing to learn more about wetland plants and animals!

Nicole cares deeply about the environment and the people and economy it supports. She wants to keep Maine healthy and prosperous. To help us prosper, we should invest in our future, especially through education. She is impressed that Trenton and Ellsworth support pre-kindergarten programs and will work to increase state funding for education to reduce local costs. Let’s elect Nicole Grohoski. She’s who Trenton and Ellsworth need in the State House.

Claire Daniel


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