Grohoski capable and caring

Dear Editor:

Rep. Nicole Grohoski has proven capable and effective in her first term representing Ellsworth and Trenton in the Maine House. She has worked on a range of issues affecting all Mainers, including teen addiction, property tax fairness, internet access, protection of firefighters and emergency medical responders from unfair employer actions, and energy transmission/distribution. Rep. Grohoski sponsored seven pieces of legislation to address these issues, three of which were signed into law and three still under consideration. This legislation benefits not just her constituents in Ellsworth and Trenton, but all Mainers.

Rep. Grohoski has also been an advocate for environmental and marine resource issues that I, as a marine biologist, find especially important. She was quick to respond with support and advice when I contacted her to express concern that upland property owners could deny others access to the intertidal zone, which is so important to the livelihood of many fishermen and the recreation of Maine residents and tourists alike. She also co-sponsored and championed a bill to ban single-use plastic carry-out bags. This bill was a collaborative effort supported by the Retail Association of Maine, the Maine Grocers and Food Producers Association and the Environmental Priorities Coalition. For those who think a ban on plastic bags is trivial or an outright inconvenience, please think again. Plastic bags are a major contributor to ocean plastic pollution, and a study recently published in the journal Marine Pollution Research shows that lobster larvae can ingest plastic fibers and be negatively impacted.

It’s been a pleasure to get to know Nicole Grohoski and to work with her. I have found her to be responsive, professional, courteous, and well informed. I’ve also learned she has a good sense of humor! In talking with her, I’ve learned she is already planning ahead to the next term by working on recycling reform legislation that will save Maine taxpayers money and incentivize manufacturers to use less wasteful and more easily recyclable packaging. Rep. Grohoski has earned a second term and I’ll most definitely be voting for her this November.

Steve Eddy


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