Good character vs. cartoon character in District 137

Dear Editor:

I’m voting for Doug Bunker to be my state representative in District 137. Voting for Doug is a vote in favor of good character, intelligence and human decency.

The worries on my mind that make me choose Doug Bunker over Larry Lockman are these: the character and humanity of Americans is being tested as much today as they have been at this country’s darkest times. Can we do it? Will we stand up to protect and preserve our democracy, to build a more unified, less polarized society? This matters as much, or more, at the local level as it does at the national level.

Here’s what matters to me about Doug. Sitting with me at my kitchen table, and speaking to folks at a neighbor’s house, it’s obvious that Doug Bunker is a thinking, unpretentious person with strong character, intelligence and sincerity. You can have a reasonable, well-informed conversation with Doug. He is not a polarizing person. He listens well and cares deeply about real people living in the real world, trying to stay healthy and make a real living in real jobs. He is real. He is not a cartoon character. He is the opposite of his opponent, Larry Lockman, who has shown over and over again that he is an unhinged extremist.

For those who may not know, Doug was born and raised in Hancock County. He supported a family as a clam digger for 10 years then worked over two decades at the Bucksport paper mill. He wants to help create a diversity of good jobs in our communities — not just one-stop shops (a few big employers here and there) but also lots of locally based viable small businesses all thriving together. Doug feels strongly that we need to protect our sustainable natural resources at the same time and he would like to see science-based decisions guide the outcomes in the Legislature. Another big concern Doug talks about is that access to medical care has become literally a life or death issue for too many people.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that after Larry Lockman was elected, District 137 became one of the most weirdly gerrymandered districts you will find anywhere. It runs from Franklin (Hancock County) over to Deblois and Northfield (Washington County), up to Passadumkeag, Greenbush and Bradford and into Bradley (Penobscot County). What the…? How does this make a lick of sense? Ask yourself why. And vote for Doug Bunker.

Medea Steinman


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