A Golden opportunity for change

Dear Editor:

We have — pun very much intended — a Golden opportunity to take back the Second Congressional District. Jared Golden has twice won in the district’s most populous area, an area that voted for Trump and LePage, an area that must be won if Congressman Poliquin, with his big out-of-state money, is to be defeated in the November election.

Jared is the assistant majority leader for the Democrats in the Maine House of Representatives. He is responsible for organizing the firewall against Governor LePage and his allies. I have spoken with his House colleagues: Jared is highly respected by those colleagues and by House staffers for his perseverance, his accomplishments and his leadership style. He knows how to outfight and outlast big-money interests. He has experience working on Capitol Hill, so he already knows his way around the federal corridors of power.

Jared is literally, from his U.S. Marine Corps experience, and figuratively, from his legislative experience, a battle-hardened veteran looking out for those who need help. His working-class background gives him a keen appreciation of the value of a paycheck and a health plan.

To win the general election in November against the flood of out-of-state money and attack ads that we will see this fall, it is essential that Democrats unite enthusiastically behind someone with proven electability in the district’s most populous areas.

Jared Golden: an opportunity we cannot afford to pass by. Jaredgoldenforcongress.com.

C.H. Keefe