Going elsewhere for a football fix

Dear Editor:

I have been a Patriots fan since they were the Boston Patriots and played their games at Fenway Park. My father was a professional football player and I remember him taking me to games in the late ’30s when at the end of his career he played center and linebacker for the Long Island Indians. In 1952, I played tight end on the Rhode Island Class C state champion Lockwood High School football team. I think that I qualify as a true football fan.

1952 was also the year I joined the U.S. Navy. I served until I retired in 1988. Thirty-six years of service taught me a lot about honor, duty and patriotism. I also learned that you can disagree vehemently and respectfully. Do overpaid players have a right to act disrespectful during the playing of our national anthem? Sure. Will I watch them do it? Absolutely not. I hope that someone will let me know when this silliness ends so that I can resume watching my New England Patriots. Until then I intend to get my Sunday football fix by watching the fourth quarter of last year’s Super Bowl.

Peter T Smith, Captain, USN, Ret.


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