Going above and beyond for Ellsworth

Dear Editor:

As most of you who follow what is going on in this city know, the Oct. 21 council meeting was Gary Fortier’s last meeting as a councilor. I have known Gary since we both were a great deal younger, but I have really gotten to know him since serving together on the council for the last 16 years.

I know of no other who loves this city more than Gary and he has served with great passion, not just as a councilor, but in ways beyond the scope of his elected responsibility. He is a member of one of the first families of our fire department: grandparents, father and uncles; he and his brothers have all served long active stints with the Ellsworth Fire Department, an organization that is near and dear to him and of which he has been a champion.

He has given thousands of hours of his personal time to benefit the city, using his superior knowledge as an electrician to keep the power on for a myriad of events that include events at Woodlawn and advising on street lighting needs and he has given his time with the recreation department to make sure the basketball courts are up and ready and then put to bed in the fall. He has been instrumental in getting skating rinks set up. Yet there is much more that he has done without asking for thanks.

More importantly for the citizenry of Ellsworth, this man is a compendium of knowledge on how this city functions. Over the years I have watched him give sound advice on issues of what needs to be done, what shouldn’t be done, and why, and he has helped put our city on the “map” by his service with the Maine Municipal Association and through the many meetings outside the city, particularly in Augusta. He has a broad understanding of so many issues that we face on a daily basis. He offers opinions earnestly without mincing any words.

Gary has always been one of the first to volunteer to either head a committee or serve on one. He knows and cares about so many people. He checks in with people around town and asks if they need anything or help.

So, does this city lose something after Monday night? You bet we do. But don’t be surprised if Gary Fortier continues to be ready to give a hand or lend his skill when the need arises because he loves this city.

He cares!

John Moore


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