God help us

Dear Editor:

In the weeks that have followed the November presidential election, we have watched and listened as an astonishing array of Republican members of the United States Senate and House have demonstrated their remarkable — but oh so predictable — lack of courage in supporting Donald Trump’s ongoing demands to find some way to overturn the results of that election.

In the absence of any evidence to support claims of fraud or election manipulation, those Republicans have resorted to the pathetic argument that millions of their own supporters believe — without a scintilla of proof — that Donald Trump is the rightful winner of the November election. Why? Not because of any evidence, but simply because Trump says so. That’s the only justification millions of his cult followers have for their outrage. Dozens of court cases — state, federal and even the U.S. Supreme Court — filed by Trump’s agents have been rejected as frivolous or unsubstantiated. State election officials — a number of them Republicans — have verified the legitimacy of the election results. Trump’s former attorney general, Bill Barr, said no evidence has been presented to justify overturning the election results. The only argument Trump’s deplorable Republican base can claim in challenging the election is because their self-appointed God says so. To them, whatever this deranged, narcissistic, outgoing president says is gospel truth. There’s no need for evidence or proof. And some of them use that rationale to call for violence and even civil war, just because Trump is the poorest loser in the history of this nation.

Dozens of Republican members of the Senate and House demonstrated their unwavering cowardice this week, signing on to an attempt to block congressional certification of the Electoral College results. It is absolutely clear that their only concern is not the well-being of the United States democracy but their own political standing with Trump’s base of support. They are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure their own political survival. These people — every one of them — take a solemn oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution when they assume office. Many of them have spent the past four years dishonoring that oath and trampling on the Constitution. They are not patriots. They are traitors. Every one of them should be removed from office. And those millions of deluded Americans who continue to support them should take a very hard look at what they have done.

May God — and I don’t mean the would-be despot who heads the Trump cult — help us.

Hugh Bowden


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