Gideon will protect rural health care

Dear Editor:

My husband and I moved to Eastport in 2014 with stars in our eyes. We were heading to a beautiful, isolated part of Maine. Even though the closest hospital, in Calais, is 30 minutes away, we were not concerned.

I didn’t realize how lucky we were to have reliable health care until we made an emergency 2 a.m. drive up the road to the Calais Regional Hospital a couple of years later. Republicans in Washington are doing all in their power to hack away at the care we depend upon, which is one reason I am voting for Sara Gideon for the U.S. Senate.

Sara has made rural health care a top priority. She has been working to provide increased funding and resources for community health centers and rural hospitals; to put caps on the cost of insulin and other prescription drugs; to expand Mainers’ access to health care that is affordable; to protect people with pre-existing conditions; to prod the federal government to keep our hospitals open and provide jobs for Maine people.

Susan Collins, on the other hand, has zigged and zagged on the Affordable Care Act. She has repeatedly supported officials in the Trump administration who are trying to gut our health care.

I urge Mainers to read Sara’s health care agenda. Based on her tenacious work as Maine’s speaker of the House, I know she will work even harder for us in Washington.

Anne Stanley


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