Gideon should watch the allegations

Dear Editor:

It’s rather questionable and suspect that Sara Gideon’s ad has been claiming that Susan Collins has been “pocketing” $1.4 million from drug and insurance companies, and suddenly it’s now $1.5 million. I guess we’re not supposed to notice if they go up gradually.

The fact is that Sen. Collins has not profited personally from these donations. All candidates finance their campaigns with these donations, and Ms. Collins has been doing this for 24 years, so of course it adds up to a large amount. But the Senate Majority PAC falsely accuses Sen. Collins of stealing and pocketing this money. It is outrageous that Sara Gideon and her allies in Washington can get away with implying Sen. Collins is a criminal.

These donations come from corporate PACs, which are the employees, not the corporation itself. The maximum donation allowed from a PAC is $10,000. Federal law prohibits direct donations from corporations, but state law does not, and as speaker of the House Sara Gideon has accepted tens of thousands of dollars to her state leadership PAC. Ms. Gideon had best be careful of who she is accusing of what. The truth can come back and bite her.


Chris Kravitt


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