Fulford will put constituents first

Dear Editor:

During the financial crisis of the George Bush administration, lack of health care was the single most dominant reason that millions of Americans lost their homes to foreclosure. If there was an accident or a prolonged illness that struck a wage earner’s family, there was nowhere to turn when the hospital bills came due.

We want our homes to be safe from the threats of foreclosure due to an inability to pay hospital bills. According to recent financial reports, another housing bubble could burst again. Nationally, as well as right here in Belfast, there are bidding wars over some properties. Once again, millions of Americans could lose everything if the Affordable Care Act is repealed — or worse — replaced with a program that rewards the healthy and wealthy and throws those who need health care most under the bus.

We need to elect someone from the Second District of Maine to Congress who has shown strong principles of caring, fairness and true compassion for the most vulnerable; someone who believes in a government of, by and for the ordinary citizens of this country.

That person is Jonathan Fulford. He’s dedicated to making a better future for all of us. We can count on him to think of his constituents first and foremost. He knows that universal health care is the only answer.

Let’s give him the chance to show what a truly honest, smart and caring representative can do. There’s too much to lose if there’s no change in Congress.


Nancy E. Galland

Stockton Springs

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