Frenchman Bay falsehoods

Dear Editor:

I am a lifelong fisherman of Frenchman Bay. I have fished the bay for over 50 years. I am familiar with the huge tides and winds that frequently occur here. American Aquafarms wants to put a 120-acre salmon farm in Frenchman Bay. American Aquafarms CEO Keith Decker says the company’s proposed 30 salmon pens will not affect those of us who fish in the bay. That shows either how little he knows, or wants to know, about the bay. Hard to tell. Those salmon pens would need several huge moorings with extensive scope, which is the amount of rope you need for the moorings to hold all around those pens because of the volatile weather and tides.

There is no way possible that lobster fishermen can fish anywhere near those moorings, like Decker said we would be able to. All of my life I have fished near The Hop site, and the boat traffic there is like a four-way intersection. American Aquafarms could not have picked a worse spot for us, and a better spot for them. Also, the loss of our gear will be tremendous when their 150-foot boat travels from Bald Rock to Prospect Harbor.

The ocean is peppered with traps that whole distance. There is no way American Aquafarms could keep its service boat away from our gear. I drew lines on my chart from every harbor in the upper bay and going offshore, and every one of those lines hit part of the salmon pens on their way out and on their way back in. There is no way that this salmon farm would not greatly disrupt our existing fisheries, small-scale aquaculture and all of the longtime tourism and recreational use of Frenchman Bay. I want to protect this bay so that my grandchildren can earn their livelihood here the way that I have.

Jerry Potter

South Gouldsboro

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