Enjoy fall’s finery

Dear Editor:

In this time of global grief and national distress, I wish to point out a local, nay, regional event that should be enjoyed and appreciated greatly. The deciduous variety of bushes and vines, any ground covers, ferns, all are ablaze in their fall finery. Even the local blueberries cover themselves in crimson, joining in the autumn frenzy of color.

This display is unique to New England and Eastern Canada and can be “savored”: motorist, bicyclist, hiker, armchair viewer alike.

The Japanese lay claim to having “Best Fall Foliage,” however, not so! The panoply of plants is more extensive in this area than in Japan (personal observation and comparison).

So, collect and hug to your memory these fabulous shades of scarlet, orange yellow, crimson and their vibrant blends. Then be happy in your memory.

Enjoy autumn and be dazzled!

C.S. Newcomb


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