End the cruelty from Washington

Dear Editor:

I have been wordless many of these past weeks. The tie that binds us all as citizens of the United States has become frayed beyond all imagining.

As the elections loom, all of us who still care are simply trying to get through the ordeal of ongoing COVID-19 and the pared-down life we now live, knowing some friends and family members are gone forever, enduring the necessary isolation that has become familiar, many coping with the raw reality of no paychecks to pay for the bare essentials of food, health care and housing — all with no end in sight. Most of all, the vitriol and hate that has been unleashed from the President on down, just a few months ago would have seemed unreal, and that’s saying a lot!

What is going on? No society has ever survived when violence becomes the method of choice, particularly when its leader and his many gun-toting followers fan the flames with hatred and vigilante justice. Years and years ago, in the mid-’50s, I watched a Nazi-made film on TV. Hitler was rallying his thousands of followers with words of hate at a vast outdoor rally. The conviction of the crowd in response to Hitler’s words was downright terrifying, as it energized them to continue to follow him into the wilderness of destruction and death that was Auschwitz and WWII.

Given what we have going on now in the United States, this has already begun to happen here. Trump’s rallies and so much more have been fanning the flames of injustice — all to the country’s detriment. He has hijacked “law and order” for his own purposes, and his alone. He continues to flaunt law after law. In reality, he has become the nation’s lawbreaker in chief. Respect, care, the common good and government’s constitutional charge to protect the most vulnerable have all gone out the window.

No more. Vote to reel in COVID. Vote to return decency and respect for our nation’s laws and values. Vote to hold those in power accountable. “We the people” are the first three words of the Constitution. We the people need to remember who we are and still can be and vote to end the cruelty unleashed from Washington and the exponential madness we are experiencing. If you are religious, pray too. The rank taint of evil at the highest levels of our government must be overwhelmingly eliminated.


Kathleen S DeSilvey


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