Don’t miss this Golden opportunity

Dear Editor:

Our representative to Congress thinks that the people who do the most difficult patient-centered work in nursing homes are overpaid. In today’s Ellsworth American (Aug. 16, 2018) he named increases in the minimum wage as a factor in why nursing homes are having a hard time financially. Hum. Blame the lowest paid workers who do some of the most physically and emotionally challenging work that exists.

I understand when people complain about an increased minimum wage benefiting teenagers and their summer jobs. But to suggest that we shouldn’t pay a living wage to people whose job it is to tend to our elderly is abhorrent. That man should be ashamed of himself.

In November, please voter for Jared Golden for Congress. He’s a vet. Give him a chance to show what he’s made of. This current fellow has had his chance and has shown himself to be woefully lacking in both common sense and compassion.

Martha Harmon


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