Don’t give up the fight to protect Maine’s scenery

Dear Editor:

The rejection of Northern Pass by New Hampshire regulators puts CMP’s “Clean Energy Connect” back on the front burner. Even though CMP has stated publicly its 145-mile direct current transmission line from Coburn Gore to Lewiston has nothing to do with wind power it stretches credulity to not see a direct relationship between Nextera’s 133 wind turbine project and this high-voltage transmission line that transmits power from Hydro Quebec to southern New England.

Even though our LUPC (Land Use Planning Commission) recently rejected Nextera’s petition to expand the expedited permitting areas of Chain of Ponds, Seven Ponds, Alder Brook, Skinner, T5R6 and BKP WKR townships, I find it hard to believe CMP (Avangrid) and Nextera, the parasitic beneficiaries of the bust-up of Maine public utilities, will give up their attempts to continue their ruination of Maine’s scenic character.

As evidenced on Feb. 1, Democrats in the Legislature voted in lockstep, preventing the Governor’s bill from receiving a public hearing. Unfortunately, six Republicans fell down on their jobs and were absent for the vote, thus dooming the outcome. Primarily, LD 1810 would have protected Maine’s irreplaceable ridge lines, mountains and other unique features from destruction by increasing the sight distance of any wind turbine from 8 to 40 miles.

Please remember, folks, Maine’s $6 billion tourism business is of paramount importance for the long term. The aforementioned townships include some of our most spectacular and pristine vistas. The Route 27 drive from Eustis village to the Canadian border is as beautiful as any location on the coast and must be preserved.

Another important fact is Maine does not need the power generated by these 133 turbines nor the power from Hydro Quebec facilitated by CMP’s transmission line. All the power from these assets will be shipped to Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and beyond, but not a dime in rate relief for Maine ratepayers. So, as I have said before, Maine is no longer a colony of Massachusetts. Put your wind turbines in the Berkshires and build power dams on the Connecticut River. Leave us alone!

Dudley Gray


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