Don’t blame the messenger for opioid crisis

Dear Editor:

I love it when there are simple solutions to simple problems, but when it comes to the world of pharmaceuticals, things become quickly complicated, with not a simple solution to anything.

Prescribed medication and treatments have saved my life, and a few times pain relievers were necessary to aid my recovery. How to use these potent drugs, what the side effects might be, what complications might arise, was always carefully explained to me by the pharmacy/pharmacist I generally use. Any problems? Please call them immediately.

Can I blame this pharmacy for the opioid plague devastating families and communities around the world? No. The pharmacy filled a prescription ordered by my doctor to help me heal. Did they urge me to use caution? Yes. Did they manufacture the drug? No. Did they hire advertising companies and focus groups to help flood communities with dangerous, life-threatening, addictive pills? No.

To be relieved of debilitating pain is a gift; to become addicted is a plague. If only placing blame on one facility or organization for a horrendous problem would solve that horrendous problem! Demanding accountability from those responsible for initiating and irresponsibly “pushing” their addictive products in the medical world is the place to start. As more information becomes publicly known about the way this has been done, including incentives and compensations to medical facilities and providers, we will be on our way to a possible reckoning of responsibilities. But to blame the messenger, in this case the pharmacy? To me, this seems misplaced.

Marjorie Yesley

Blue Hill

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