Doctor happy to be back in Maine

Dear Editor:

Having practiced family medicine and emergency medicine in Hancock County for the past 26 years, former patients I encounter in the vegetable aisle of local grocery store typically ask me, “How is retirement going?”

“Ahhh, such a statement is far from true,” I answer. I have just completed a very interesting hiatus in urgent care in Oregon, where I went to college and spent seven of my happiest years in my youth.

I am very happy to be back in Maine and am even happier to have joined Bucksport Regional Health Center, at its Ellsworth office. BRHC is an organization with which I share many goals, including providing primary health care to all patients regardless of insurance coverage or financial status. I’m delighted to be working in the company of Dr. Steve Nightingale, whose patients I have seen during emergency shifts over the years at MCMH.

I very much enjoyed my time in Blue Hill, while working with a great bunch of health care providers throughout Ellsworth, the Blue Hill Peninsula and Deer Isle/Stonington. I am happy to be able to provide ongoing service through Bucksport Regional Health Center.

“How long?” my former patient in the vegetable aisle asks, no doubt referring to my age and suspected retirement plans. Based on common ages reached among those in this state, plus my own interest, training, and satisfaction in family medicine, I answer, “No time soon.”

Thomas Bugbee, MD

Bucksport Regional Health Center


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