Dictatorial control in Congress must end

Dear Editor:

Between the elections, presidential and midterm, we are subjected to thousands of hours of ads, interviews, debates, posters, mailings and arguments with friends and family, all with the goal of standing in long lines to vote for the people we hope will actively represent us in Congress, do the nation’s business and get stuff done.

Then we watch our senators and representatives write bill after bill, and run smack into two people, the Senate majority leader and the speaker of the House, who prevent most of those bills from ever being debated, much less voted on.

We elect 535 people and two people have dictatorial control over them and, by extension, over the intent of the electorate who elected them … us!

There needs to be a law that, for example, a vote by one-third of the members of either branch of Congress is sufficient to bring a bill to the floor for open debate and a vote up or down. Sure, this will cut into the time spent raising money for their next campaigns but, guess what, we didn’t send them to Washington to self-perpetuate. We sent them to debate and vote on the nation’s business and two people should not be able to stop that process from happening!

Alan “Doug” Scott


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