Dereliction of duty to blame for border insecurity

Dear Editor:

What do we taxpaying American citizens get for the lavish salaries and perks we bestow on our elected representatives? Nothing, if they cannot even bestir themselves to secure our borders, the physical elements that define our country in its most basic sense.

The longer an individual has been in Washington, the more serious is his or her dereliction of duty. The view from here is not of public servants, but rather, with few exceptions, of arrogant “rulers” thwarting the wishes of those they refuse to serve, who foot their bills and suffer their often misguided or superfluous legislation. The worst of them are treasonous, supporting the advance of countless migrants who disregard our laws and threaten to swamp our ability to function as an orderly, peaceful society. The combined effects of lawlessness and other criminal tendencies with the diseases they are bringing in unchecked, as well as their lack of interest in becoming a part of the fabric of the country, are precisely what good immigration policies prevent.

How to improve the lot of people in countries with bad economies and corrupt governments? Do so in those countries with more carefully targeted financial and technical aid.

Patricia Colling Egan


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