Defining personal ethics

Dear Editor:

I encourage everyone to define and contemplate the terms “personal ethics” and “moral compass.” Recently, a nationally known Hancock County physician, Dr. Meryl Nass, has, in my opinion, experienced being between a rock and a hard place. She has a 40-plus-year history of helping patients experience greater health with no malpractice suits, has contributed extremely important research regarding the anthrax vaccine, has helped numerous veterans regain health and continues researching COVID-19.

Dr. Nass upheld what she ethically and morally believes is her commitment to her profession and patients, “first, do no harm.” I value greatly her strength of character and this level of commitment, her countless unpaid hours of research and off hours of patient and community support.

I choose my health-care providers very carefully, as I assume all of Dr. Nass’s patients have done. I value my providers’ level of experience, continuing research and knowledge base and our personal rapport. I am concerned when pharmacies or my government stand between what my doctor and I have decided is the best course of action for my health.

Lastly, please contemplate the term “misinformation.” The prefix “mis” means “wrong or false.” Who decides what is “misinformation”? What criteria is used? Dr. Nass transparently shares her professional research and perspective on the safety, efficacy and risks of medicines, as I hope other physicians and scientists do. There is inherent risk in taking any medicine or vaccine, including adverse reactions such as paralysis, seizures and death. I want my physician to inform me of all risks and benefits known and support me in making the best decision for myself.

I am in support of Dr. Nass, her character and her deepest intention to help people regain health and wellness. I appreciate her forthcoming behavior in explaining why she chose what she did. I have great compassion for all who find themselves faced with moral or ethical decisions based on both individual and the greater good, and for all of us who are living with various levels of fear and uneasiness at this time in history.

Susan Brenner


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