Death cult comes Downeast

Dear Editor:

Yesterday, I went into the headquarters of the Hancock County GOP in Ellsworth. I was greeted by a woman whose first words to me were, “Hello, you don’t need to wear a mask here.” How has it become that the party that once proposed affordable health care for all Americans under Nixon now proposes this?

I am a gay man who was alive during the ’80s and the AIDS crisis. If gay men had had a similar message about not wearing condoms back then, we would have been killed in the streets. (Think Charlie Howard, but a little different.) We didn’t run around talking about the suffering of our rights for being requested to use condoms. We didn’t grab our guns to have rallies at bath houses. And we certainly didn’t hang out in our bars recommending to others to remove their condoms.

How is it that the GOP has become the death cult of Donald J. Trump? More importantly, why? Has the Jonestown model actually made it into the mainstream?

Karl Holmes


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