Dare to hope?

Dear Editor:

I read every word of your article titled “Two vie for House 134 seat in Democratic primary.” I held my breath in hopes that it would be a clean, no mud-slinging article. It was! I was so glad to finally read/“hear” two candidates, vying for the same position, answer Faith DeAmbrose’s well-posed questions as well as her well-researched background information of each candidate. Eaton and McDonald’s backgrounds were very impressive and the reasons each wanted to run for the position were clean-cut, and sincere. No embellishment. No grandiose claims. No mud-slinging!

I finished the article relieved, and thinking that if I were voting in House District 134, I would have a difficult time choosing who to vote for. And to add “frosting to the cake,” two well-qualified women!

Dare I hope to see more of the same “clean” politicking from the candidates in other local, state and federal elections? Yes, I will hope, because that’s all I’ve got these days.

Serena R. Smith


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