The cruel reality of Trumpcare

Dear Editor:

Congressman Bruce Poliquin threw his Maine constituents under the bus when he voted for what has been called a “mean-spirited” health care bill. He and other congressional leaders created a health care crisis by introducing a bill that the Congressional Budget Office reports will ultimately drop 23 million Americans currently insured. The new Senate version of Trumpcare, crafted with no public hearings, has been described as “cruel,” because it allows for the elimination of coverage for pre-existing conditions, dramatically raises the rates for elders and people with disabilities, defunds Planned Parenthood and will drastically reduce the availability of Medicaid by hundreds of billions of dollars for low-income families.

States like Maine will feel these changes most severely. Built into this health care bill that increases health care for elders is a tax cut for the wealthiest 2 percent among us!

The Senate version of the Trumpcare bill, which provides welfare for the rich by cutting health care for elders, will be up for a vote by Sen. Collins before the July Fourth weekend. Call her office at (202) 224-2523 to share your thoughts on Trumpcare.

Steven Kelley


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