Continuous excellence

Dear Editor:

The news of the pending sales of The Ellsworth American and the Mount Desert Islander is understandable to some still manning the ink-stained trenches of newspapering, especially to those of us who publish small community weeklies. The pressures are many, and they will continue. Even the most respected voices in the dwindling choir of those who treasure the printed word to transmit news and encourage community communication are not immune.

Alan Baker’s dedication to his newspapers and to the many people who make those newspapers happen each and every week is legendary. He appreciates the myriad skills — and magic — it takes to fashion a new product each Wednesday, only to destroy it each Thursday and begin anew, and with enthusiasm. Mr. Baker’s stewardship of his newspapers and his dedication to the communities they serve has continued the ethics and leadership of the publisher he succeeded, the late James Russell Wiggins.

Here at The Bucksport Enterprise, an independent paper that has been printed at The American each week since its inception in 1992, I look forward to continuing to work with our longtime friends in Ellsworth. I also wish the new owner, Reade Brower, the best as he expands his endeavors to Hancock County.

I, like so many, appreciate The American. Competing with papers where the people who produce them don’t care what they publish is easy. Competing with one organized around the right principles keeps all truly ink-stained printed word people in constant pursuit of publishing an even better paper next week.

Don Houghton, Editor

The Bucksport Enterprise


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