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Dear Editor:

In March of 2020, when the coronavirus first landed within the United States, citizens were told to remain in their homes until further notice in order to minimize the spread of the dangerous virus. This led to one question in the minds of many Americans: what will I do with my time?

A few days after the lockdown first began, I went to the gas station market for a few items. When I got to the counter, the cashier greeted me with a smile and asked what I planned to spend my quarantine time doing. I told him, fishing, hiking, and maybe learning to bake. In turn, I asked him the same question. He responded that he was buying an Australian shepherd puppy. I thought to myself, what a great use of lockdown time that would be!

As a dog lover and volunteer for the Bangor Humane Society, I keep up with Maine Coast Animal Rescue, the Bangor Humane Society and Waterville Area Humane Society on Facebook. Throughout the year, I have noticed so many new adoptions of rescue dogs. Many folks across Maine are viewing this quarantine and home-stay times as a fantastic opportunity to add a furry friend to their family! Different dog breeds have different levels of support and care that is needed in day-to-day life. Some dogs are high-energy and need to be walked and entertained during most hours of the day, while other dogs are low-energy, low-maintenance and prefer to relax all day long. All dogs benefit from their owner being home all day long.

Across the state, animal shelters are seeing the effect of the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders by the rise in adoptions. Shelters are being emptied, allowing more room for transported animals to be provided shelter, thus putting more homeless animals in the safety and care that they need.

If you had been considering a furry addition to your home, now is the time. All Maine shelters are accepting adoption applications from families within Maine borders, and some shelters are even lowering their adoption fees. This year has been far from perfect, but you can make your home a little warmer with the welcoming of a new furry friend who will steal your heart and brighten your quarantine.

Haylee Scovil


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