Conclusions are logical and accurate

Dear Editor:

This is in reference to Mr. [Phil] Neal’s letter to The Ellsworth American of Aug. 22 [“Misleading conclusions on the state of the economy under Trump”].

Thank you, Mr. Neal, for acknowledging that my data, or stated facts, are indeed accurate, or true. Other writers and readers have not bothered to verify my data and they, therefore, have made some ridiculous statements and claims.

The conclusions I made from this data (in my Aug. 15 letter to the editor) are simply that wages per person and output per person (both calculated directly from the data on labor force participation rate, employment rate, average work hours, average wages per hour and output per hour) are both higher under Trump than under Obama. This means that demand for goods and services must be higher (because of the greater purchasing power from higher wages) and that business supply must be higher (because of greater output from workers).

Greater demand and greater supply together mean the demand and supply functions have shifted to the right translating to greater GDP. These were my only conclusions and I see nothing misleading or inaccurate about them.

Phil Grant

Birch Harbor

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