Company deserves praise on flag flap

Dear Editor:

We support G.M. Allen & Son’s Wild Maine Blueberries’ recent actions in requiring that a Confederate flag be removed from its blueberry field in Sedgwick. The flag was flown by a picker from Steuben, who has stated that he is offended that he was asked to remove his flag. He has stated that it’s a symbol of Americans fighting for their rights. He either does not know, or does not care, that the “right” they were fighting for was to keep another human being as a slave. We appreciate G.M. Allen & Son’s willingness to stand up for all the people who have fought to keep our country free from white supremacy. We appreciate their courage to stand for values we hold dear.

We are writing on behalf of the Alamoosook People’s Alliance, community members from the Bucksport Bay area who love our country and care deeply about our democracy and the dignity of every human being.

Joyce Schelling

Mary Jane Bush

Julia Demaree

Sue Davis

Tracey Hair

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