Collins works for Mainers

Dear Editor:

We need Susan Collins back in the Senate. Collins tried to reach across the aisle to be bipartisan and she learned a hard lesson. That lesson was that across the aisle they don’t play fair; they want to win at all costs no matter what it does to Americans, no matter what it does to our country, the United States. She voted her conscience for Mainers in favor of Kavanaugh. It was a good choice for us and our country.

We all know how both Mills and Gideon are hurting our state and all Mainers. I don’t think Gideon will function on the side of Mainers in Washington. Collins also crossed the aisle when she wavered on the impeachment attempt by the other side of the aisle, but she stepped up and made the right choice. Collins has disappointed Mainers by attempting to be bipartisan, but I think she has learned that she can no longer reach across the aisle. I will be voting for Susan Collins for Maine and I encourage all Mainers to continue supporting her because a “no” vote or not voting at all is a vote against Maine, our country and America. Vote Susan Collins for Maine!

Gwen Clark


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