Collins needs to listen to the experts

Dear Editor:

It is high time for Susan Collins to listen to experts, scientists — and Sen. King. This is an absolutely critical time for Maine’s economy, possibly even more critical for our societal survival than for our personal health. Though our average age is at the high end of the United States, most Mainers are not “on their last legs”!

Collins’ work to eliminate $870 million of pandemic funding in 2009 was unforgiveable. Destroying Obama’s highly sophisticated pandemic response team compounded her error. Allowing Trump to mock the seethe of warnings from American and foreign government intelligence and private sources makes her a three-time loser, again.

Trump’s and McConnell’s plans to bankrupt the states and sell the post office to cronies, even worse. If Pearl Harbor had been Downeast, would Maine have been left on its own by American President Roosevelt?

She must now try to redeem herself by allowing real experts to function. If she keeps accepting “Kochwomble” money from away, Maine’s economic and spiritual depression will dwarf anything elsewhere in America.

She must push Trump to immediately use the Defense Production Act to provide basic essential PPE, testing, vaccines medications and all manner of computer and physical infrastructure needed for a “war.”

If Trump continues to gut science, there are two scenarios that will destroy Maine — The Way Life Should Be: (1) We ignore science and America ends up locked down in pandemic horror and no one comes next summer, (2) We stop effective measures too early and 3 million visitors surge in to infect us all.

Our health-care workers will hang tough through this initial surge, but if Trump and his greedies unleash a second wave, they’ll be dropping like flies from stress, PTSD, depression, drugs and alcohol and divorce — and worse.

Maybe they’ll just tell Trump he’s on his own. And we might be on our own, even in Maine, if our health-care workers are cast into the fire by bureaucracy.

We’ll all be lonely, broke and dead!

Paul Liebow, MD

Bucksport and Great Cranberry Island

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