Collins must reassess priorities

Dear Editor:

I have visited Susan Collins’ website and seen her list of issues in which she is legislatively involved. I am impressed and pleased by some of her positions. The issues listed are, indeed, pressing: defense and national security appears first. A fine priority. The list continues with veterans, health care, energy and environment, senior issues and other important ones.

There is an issue she does not include on her list, and I wonder why not. And I wonder if any sites of her many (Republican) colleagues list the issue I think she should include in hers. I expect none do.

The office of the president of the United States is, in some real measure, in peril. I need not list all the reasons I assert that. I believe Sen. Collins is surely aware and, perhaps, agrees if she’s objective. Anyone paying any attention is aware of how and why the office, currently held by Donald Trump and his administration, is threatened. I can’t ignore the notion that another “constitutional crisis” will soon be part of our history. It’s hard to imagine it won’t be.

Ms. Collins, I urge you, please, to address an issue I consider is as important as your first priority. In fact, I believe they are effectively one in the same: defense and national security. I ask you, again, why do you not address, if not speak out against what is happening to, and within, my office of the United States president? The current occupant, I and many others believe, is an actual threat to our history, traditions and future. Do you disagree?

Scott Milliken

Blue Hill

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