CMP transmission line is bad for Maine

Dear Editor:

The CMP transmission line has no climate benefits and would harm Maine’s environment. Both the western Maine region that the line would bisect and the Ellsworth area have a strong dependence on recreation and tourism, which all depend on protecting our environment and natural resources. Because of this, I was surprised and disappointed that The Ellsworth American endorsed this destructive project. Especially given how much information has become available about how this is a bad deal for Maine, The Ellsworth American should reconsider its position, and Maine people, including our local legislators Brian Hubbell, Nicole Grohoski and Louie Luchini, should oppose this project.

Increasing amounts of evidence show that there are no climate benefits to CMP’s project, and that Hydro-Québec doesn’t have extra spilling and energy, as The Ellsworth American editorial board wrote. Since there was no spillage before 2017, Hydro-Québec has only shown one year’s worth of spillage data to go into a 20-year contract. The questionable spillage data backs up evidence from environmental groups that this would just divert hydropower from other areas to New England. Because the project wouldn’t offset total fossil fuel production, it will do nothing to reduce global carbon emissions. In just one more shady aspect of the project, representatives from Hydro-Québec have not been required to testify about their claims of extra energy before Maine decision-makers. With contracts worth billions of dollars of profit, the corridor will benefit CMP and Hydro-Québec handsomely, but neither Maine nor our climate will see the benefits.

Now is the time for Mainers across the state to speak out and tell their friends and their state legislators to oppose this project. Much like other groups and municipalities that once supported the corridor have done, I hope The Ellsworth American editorial board will look further into the facts and reconsider its position, especially as an area so much like ours will reap most of the harm.

Jeremy Vroom

Bar Harbor

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