Climate action is needed now

Dear Editor:

I was with over 100 in Blue Hill joining millions who marched worldwide for the Climate Strike on Sept. 20. On Sept. 23, Governor Mills spoke at the UN Climate Summit before world leaders. The world’s leading scientists released their United in Science report on Sept 22, outlining the facts: the warmest 5-year period on record, the continued decrease in sea ice and ice mass, the accelerating sea level rise, and record greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere and that the carbon emissions continue to rise.

Meanwhile President Trump not only did not attend the Climate Summit, he continues to deny the science and to rollback or eliminate policies such as the Clean Power Plan, the Paris Climate Agreement, the Clean Car Plan, the methane rules. The rollbacks are costing our economy new economic development opportunities and high paying jobs. Meanwhile we are paying billions for the costs of the storms, floods, droughts, fires.

Talk to the lobster folk, the farmers, the asthma doctors, the pest control, renewable energy, energy conservation, homeowners and business insurance, road repair and tourism people. The effects of climate change are happening now and here.

Call our representatives – Senators Collins and King and Representative Golden and ask for action now.

Pam Person


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