City’s historic buildings facing extinction

Dear Editor:

I am deeply concerned with the lack of interest in our community for the saving of our historical buildings and neighborhoods. I believe more needs to be done within our city to protect and save our historical buildings and sites. I am a member of the Ellsworth Historic Commission, but there needs to be more community support and support within the city government for preservation of our history. The beauty of our historic neighborhoods and buildings cannot be replaced and are still the gems of our town.

Now we are currently faced with the possible loss of the Ticonic Fire House in Ellsworth Falls. Sadly, this building is not on the historic list with the city of Ellsworth, and because of this it does not fall into a safety net of preservation with the local historic commission review. I am also a member of the Ellsworth Historical Society, and we were approached by the owners of the building (Webber Group) to gift the building with some funds, but it would have to be moved. Sadly, our finances and membership do not allow such an undertaking, so we were unable to take this on, but we totally support the saving of this historic structure! We would have hoped that the Webber Group would realize its historic significance and do the right thing and preserve it; it’s the right thing to do.

Before this demo permit is allowed by the city I hope that concerned citizens will speak up! Write to your City Council members with your concerns. More needs to be done to protect our historic buildings and sites. Ellsworth has a wonderful and strong history and we should be preserving it for our children, not just tearing it down for more development.

I hope that our community will show more support for preservation of our historic buildings. Speak up so not another historic building is lost!


Terri Weed Cormier


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