City Council needs a culture change

Dear Editor:

The members of the Ellsworth City Council deserve our appreciation for their time and public service. Elections provide an opportunity for the community to determine if value can be achieved by bringing new voices and perspectives to the governance structure. I am seeking election to the Ellsworth City Council, as I believe that new voices will benefit the city of Ellsworth. My wife, Tricia, is a teacher at Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School (EEMS) and our two sons, Jared and Colby, attend Ellsworth High School (EHS). We have lived in this community for 22 years. Ellsworth is a great community with many wonderful resources.

One of the reasons that I made the decision to run for City Council is my concern that we are not taking the time to understand the short- and long-term impact of major decisions. I have heard many comments from longtime residents regarding their concerns about being able to continue to live in Ellsworth. There is always a balance that needs to be struck between needs and costs. Planning and input are critical aspects when a city is making major decisions about growth and expansion. I do not believe that there is a culture within the existing City Council that supports these elements.

I have three specific goals: 1) enhance the communication between the community and the council; 2) push major spending decisions back to the voters; 3) challenge the status quo of growth through addition by looking at prioritizing and maximizing existing resources. I have significant executive leadership experience that I believe will help me to accomplish my goals. We have an opportunity to enhance the community without adding to the tax burden of its citizens. Please feel free to contact me on my Facebook page at I welcome feedback, questions and comments. I would appreciate your vote on Nov. 7, 2017.

Dale Hamilton


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