Change needed in District 6

Dear Editor:

The purpose of this letter is twofold. First, as the Democratic candidate for Maine State Senate in District 6, which includes all of Washington County, Gouldsboro, Winter Harbor, Sullivan and a bit of East Hancock, I wanted to state my reason for running for State Senate: I am running because I want to offer an alternative to the representation District 6 has been used to for the last 25 years. Over that time, state senators for District 6 have preached small government, looking to remove regulations from business so companies will provide the best service to consumers at the lowest cost. While this may work in southern Maine, it only takes a quick look to know that it doesn’t work here in rural Downeast Maine for services provided by big companies like cell phone service, internet service, cable service and, most importantly, for health insurance. These interstate and international companies compete in urban areas where profits are low-hanging fruit. Rural areas get limited services at the highest costs. This must change.

As a practicing attorney for 41 years who has represented scores of small businesses and thousands of clients in a broad array of legal settings, I have seen that people have to live their lives in the real world and not by the theories that make good political slogans. We need, now more than ever, reliable access to high-speed broadband and cell phone service. We need affordable health care and good schools so our graduates will stay at home and so we can attract the knowledge-based workers and professionals needed to grow our economy.

When I practiced law, my clients set the goals. That is why I want to meet as many of voters in District 6 as possible, something made difficult because of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the second reason I am writing this letter is that I am in Boston to get a health issue resolved with a surgical procedure that is serious, but not life-threatening. It is expected that I will need about a month of recuperation.

I am making this public because I did not want my absence from the campaign to be misinterpreted. I have not lost interest one iota in this election. On the contrary, as I have talked to many of voters in District 6 on the phone or met them on the street or in a store, I realize how important this election is to all of us. Downeast Maine needs a senator in Augusta who puts politics aside and who recognizes that both business and government play a part in reinvigorating rural Downeast Maine so that it will continue to be a wonderful place to live in and raise a family.

I have a wonderful campaign staff who will continue to reach out to voters in District 6. I will be in Addison recuperating and I will be in contact with them daily. If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected] It may take two or three weeks to answer, but I will answer each email that I get.

I am looking forward to serving you as your senator in Augusta.

Jeffrey Lovit


Candidate for Maine State Senate