Celebrating people who help people

Dear Editor:

I grew up in this beautiful remote town of Lamoine. I left in 1972 and moved to Bangor with my son. You never know until you leave something how much it meant to you and the impact it had. My dad taught me to clam, hunt, garden, fish, shoot, cook, but most of all he taught survival. I married the love of my life March 15, 2004, after many years of searching for that place in life that I belonged. He was my life partner and soul mate, In May of 2017 he was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, a rare one that didn’t give us much hope for the future. He lost his battle in November of 2018. But before he died he bought me a piece of my childhood in Lamoine, a small run-down camp on Berry’s Cove where I walked as a child and it still stands the same today.

I came back here June 3 of this year hoping to heal. Being gone so long and living in the city, I was finding it hard to adjust. Before my husband passed away he told me over and over that I was his Angel. He hired Richard Zerrien from Patriot Homes and asked him to renovate the little house, never giving up that he would someday see it. That never happened. I came here and I had to put my trust in people and move on with the little camp on the cove.

Richie has been my rock and my contractor from last September on and I couldn’t thank him enough for the compassion and friendship he has shown me and turned this little camp into a home for me. My husband always handled everything and I had to depend on and trust people here. It wasn’t all easy and good, but I found a friend in Richie and his crew and also in Nathan Hardwick with NDH Contracting. These guys have been my lifeline during a grieving process.

I walk on the beach and I can go back to a simple time in my childhood and catch at least a glimmer of hope for my future. To thank my guys from my heart, I am hosting a dinner for them all at Pat’s Pizza Oct. 17 because without them I wouldn’t have made it this far. Nov. 14 marks the one-year anniversary of my husband’s passing. I struggle with it still but know that I am supported here and to be gone for 47 years and to walk back into this simpler life is a true blessing.

My husband knew it would heal me. He worked with Kiki Katsiaficas Silsby, our agent, and he wouldn’t let me stop the purchase. He made it clear to her that he wanted this for me and to continue on with us buying it. This may all sound like a simple little story to you but it’s my life and I hope a new beginning. I go back to Florida Nov. 10, stopping over in Dallas, where he is laid to rest. I cannot say how thankful I am to everyone here who has held me while I cried, helped me build a new home and life, and who has most of all become my friends.

Robin J. Yonis


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