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Dear Editor:

Maine is in crisis, and we voters better get deeply engaged with carefully choosing our next state legislative body. A vote is a powerful thing, and our future depends on each one of us wielding that choice well, and meeting our responsibilities as an informed electorate. Amongst other important votes, this fall, we must choose the right candidate for Senate District 7 representing Trenton and Ellsworth. That candidate is Louie Luchini, and I urge every reader in our district to vote for him this November.

Regardless of what political party you affiliate with, when considering the role of government and our elected officials, it has been proven time and time again that there is no better use of public funds, no greater return on the investment dollar, than intelligent investments in the future, starting early. When I first came back home after college to raise my family, our state was a national leader in “getting it right” with smart investments in education and health care for young families and children.

In just one decade, much has changed. Maine now leads the nation in infant mortality, our children are dying, and one in four of Maine’s children is hungry. LePage and his legislative allies, who gutted our cost-effective early interventions, from the visiting home nurses, to state Head Start funding, and who dismantled our effective resource development centers, are to blame for much of the chaos literally eroding the potential future of our state.

The numbers are grossly against us. Without every single child surviving and thriving, Maine will rapidly become an unsustainable state. Without young families, either coming to Maine, or staying here, Maine dies. Young families today live in a very different economy and world than our parents did. Unlike past decades when a single earner salary could support a family, today even two parents, working full time, are struggling.

We need to remember where the real future of our state lives and vote accordingly. It lives in the success of every single Maine child, and their ability to grow up safe, healthy and well-enough educated that they will use innovation to open the doors for Maine to find prosperity in a rapidly changing future. It lies in job creation, access to health care for citizens of all ages and abilities and a strong swift response to the opioid epidemic that is tearing apart our towns and communities. There is only one candidate in District 7 whose voting record supports all of these issues consistently, and that is Louie Luchini.

Rachel Nobel


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