Bunker deserves your support

Dear Editor:

I have known Franklin resident Doug Bunker, House seat candidate for District 137, for 11 years. In those years we have interacted often, both socially and at meetings of mutual interest.

In my 77 years I have written hundreds of letters of recommendation for students seeking a degree in education. For those I considered the best of the best, I ended their letter with the phrase “I would be happy to have this individual teach my own children.” To paraphrase that statement, I would be honored to have Doug Bunker represent me as the Democratic representative for the House seat in District 137.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Doug is smart, very well read, writes and speaks eloquently and has that truly rare quality of truly listening to people.
  • As an active union member, Doug was an advocate at both the state and federal levels for issues of concern to pulp and paper workers in Maine.
  • Doug has never run for political office, which I believe is a positive.
  • Doug has been a lifelong resident of District 137 and he knows what the district needs and wants.

In summation, Doug is a man of real character, intelligent, honest, a Clean candidate and my friend.

Please vote on Nov. 6. A vote for Doug will not be a waste of your time.

Bob Bauman, Ed.D.


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