Brooklin profile lacked depth

Dear Editor:

I’ve been a subscriber to your newspaper for a long time and have great respect for it, but I have to say, as a former long-term resident of Brooklin, I was very disappointed in your “Our Town” article. Your profiles of the three people involved in the town’s activities were very interesting, but there should have been more written about the town in general. I was expecting a description of the make-up and character of the town, which should have included the Brooklin General Store, located in the center of town across from the Friend Memorial Library. Instead, there was no mention of the store at all, and among the random photos was a poorly rendered and unflattering side view of the library that didn’t do justice at all to the charming and beautifully maintained building, which has been there since 1912.

You also showed photos of two churches, but left out any reference to the Rockbound Chapel in West Brooklin, which is used for musical gatherings and sing-alongs and has been part of the community since 1902. Another aspect that was not mentioned was the wonderful selection of high-quality inns, restaurants, boatyards, retail businesses and art galleries, frequented by year-round and summer residents. And the Fourth of July parade wouldn’t be the same without the incredible Brooklin Town Band! Brooklin is also home to the renowned WoodenBoat magazine and WoodenBoat School, and is where the famed writer E.B. White lived for many years. It’s a very special place and deserved a more thoughtful article.

Susan Clement


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