Broken promises

Dear Editor:

Susan Collins was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1996, promising in that year and again in 2002 to serve only two terms (12 years total), even signing a document supporting a constitutional amendment to limit terms. She said, and I quote, ā€œI do support term limits and I have pledged that if Iā€™m elected, I will only serve two terms regardless of whether a term limits law [or a] constitutional amendment passes or not. Twelve years is long enough to be in public service and make a contribution and then come home and let someone else take your place.ā€ End of quote.

That promise has fallen by the wayside. She is approaching 24 years of service and has now announced she is running for a fifth term (30 years total and counting). She broke her promise, twice, to the citizens of Maine in order to get elected and retain her power. She learned early on how to play the game. What does that say about her character and integrity? Will we continue to ignore her broken and dishonest promises?

She also deceives her constituents by continually calling herself moderate when in reality she has voted with her party 90.5 percent of the time during the 115th Congress ā€” 2017-2018. Moderate? Hardly. She needs to honor her way-past-due pledge to us and leave office. As for Maine citizens, we need to realize she is not who she claims to be. Reward her by voting her out.

Leslie Poole


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