Border wall funding

Dear Editor:

This is not about immigration. Trump wants taxpayer money for border wall construction in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, home to five fragile and essential wildlife sanctuaries. He threatened to shut down the government if he doesn’t get his money.

This is not about immigration. Walls do not prevent the migration of people but sever ecosystems and prevent the movement of animals through wilderness areas. Walls do not keep us safer but act as symbols of unchecked power, greed and fear. Walls do not keep people out but they do drastically damage the environment, destroying wildlife habitat, migration corridors for endangered species and our multi-cultural, cross-border southern communities. Walls do not prevent drugs from coming into our communities but they do encourage feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness, oppression and confinement, and instill fear of the unknown and the other.

This is not about immigration. This wall is about destruction and corporate greed and a loss of heart and humanity.

This is not about immigration, but this is about love, hope and humanity.

My hope is that our trusted elected senators and representatives here in Maine — Bruce Poliquin, Chellie Pingrie, Angus King and Susan Collins, choose to value our land and our animals, our indigenous history and our southern border communities and don’t actively harm them for the sake of a misguided presidential campaign promise for a wall that will not keep people out but will severely damage our environment and our communities for generations to come.

Michel Droge


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