Blame on both sides

Dear Editor:

This is in response to the Rev. Charles Stephens’ April 22 letter [“Police violence must stop”].

You say you have never had a “negative let alone violent encounter with a police officer.”

The fact that you refer to them as “police officer” says it all. You sound like you respect the officer when you’re pulled over and you do as he asked. If the young man in Minnesota had done the same, he would still be alive. You refuse to take into consideration the actions of the young man.

You say that they knew where he lived. So, then the police could go to his house not knowing what they are getting into there? So, if they showed up at this house and he still refused to cooperate what do you suggest they do then? Walk away and let the man do as he wants? He had known problems with law enforcement. He is trying to get into his car reaching for whatever and the police are supposed to do what, just let him go get whatever it is, maybe a gun? They have families waiting for them at home. It’s not right that they shot him, but it was not intentional. The cop should have been trained better and it never should have happened. But there is blame on both sides of the altercation that day. So, let’s have BLM and Jesse Jackson start helping these kids with outreach programs. Let’s see them in the streets of the inner cities to help keep the kids out of gangs. Let’s have them out in the streets at 2 a.m. helping the kids stay away from guns and get to know the police instead of dividing them. How about that, Reverend?

David Camarra


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